People spend most of their waking day sitting in chairs, riding in cars, or otherwise engaged in sedentary postures. Spine surgeons are finding more and more evidence is showing just how bad for our bodies that really is.

A sedentary life style affects several facets of your health, including your muscular system, core strength, and your spine. A sedentary life style denies your body the chance to develop muscle mass through simple movements.

So we have developed a time-effective way to combat the day-to-day sedentary habits that we typically engage in.

Simply by carrying your own weight, your body can develop muscle mass.  Thus, planks have proven to be an effective way to strengthen your core muscles which support your spine.Los Angeles Spine SurgeonPlanking is a technique in which you carry your own weight in a specific position, without putting too much stress on your body.

In the plank position, keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle while supporting your body on your forearms. Keep your entire body straight, maintaining a rigid spinal line. Only your forearms and toes should touch the ground. Engage your abdominal muscles to support your body. Your body should be in one straight line with no sagging or curving. Remember to breathe deeply while engaged in this position.  It is important to keep your neck in a comfortable position to not cause injury.

If this position is too difficult to maintain, modify it by using the bent-knee plank position, in which you rest your knees on the floor.

If your body begins to shake, that is simply an indication of muscle fatigue. The more you practice holding the position, the longer you will be able to maintain the position. Your body will begin to shake less as you become more fit.

The goal is to be able to hold the plank position for 2 minutes.

The Benefits of Planking Over Sit-Ups:

Sit-ups can actually be deleterious by putting undue pressure on your spine. Planks are a more effective, less harmful way of building core strength. Core strength is essential to a healthy spine as those core muscles are what lend support to the spine.