ScoliosisMany patients suffering from chronic back pain, spinal injuries, traumas, or degenerative herniations are unaware of the wonderful medical advancements of minimally invasive spine surgery in Los Angeles.

Commonly referred to as MISS, this form of out-patient surgery requires only very small incisions with far lower amounts of anesthesia.  The result is a faster recovery time, limited scarring, and a reduced risk of post-surgery infection.


Another major difference between MISS and traditional open surgeries is a less painful recovery period, which means that patients no longer have to endure several months of discomfort before achieving a full recovery and getting back to their normal daily routines. With patients who undergo minimally invasive spine surgery in Los Angeles, the results are often surprising.  They consider MISS procedures to be infinitely more patient-friendly.

Open surgeries involve doctors making several very large incisions that can extend to perhaps six or more inches in length.  With each incision, the doctor then begins manipulating the very delicate muscle tissue underneath to obtain a full and unobstructed viewpoint of the spinal disorder.  In some cases, the remove of small amounts of muscle and bone tissue is the only way that the physician can reach the area of the spinal column in need of medical attention. As a result, the surgeon must then repair the unnecessary physical damage by using bone grafts and a series of screws placed directly into the spine.  Proponents of minimally invasive spine surgery in Los Angeles agree that these outdated surgical methods can be avoided entirely in many cases.

Faster Recovery

So many patients undergoing traditional open surgeries tend to experience new types of chronic back pain after the completion of the first surgery.  As a result, the doctor might recommend a second or even a third surgical procedure to alleviate the new levels of physical discomfort.  This multi-surgery process increases the total length of recovery time considerably.  By manipulating the muscle tissue surrounding a spinal disorder, the physician is at risk of damaging the surrounding muscle tissue, which is often the likely cause of the new pain.

But patients who undergo minimally invasive spine surgery in Los Angeles witness a far faster total recovery.  Not only is the healing process from MISS procedures incrementally shorter than with traditional open surgeries, but there are limited risks of muscle damage as well.  For more information on minimally invasive spine surgery in Los Angeles, contact the offices of Dr. Melamed today.